Buying & Selling

I offer you honest independent advice based on my experience and expertise as well as information about piano makes and models.

When buying a piano, you are looking for certain criteria, which would satisfy you. That might be quality of sound, finish, touch, size (what would best fit your house) or type (Upright, Grand or maybe make).

I would primary listen to sound, whatever color, make or size of the piano is. In most cases, efforts take place to purchase and get it into house. Try to avoid quick decisions when purchasing a piano, for example, will it be tune-able? For those with a very limited budget this can turn into disaster when the tuner arrives.

You have a choice between new and pre-owned pianos. If you have set a certain standard for your life and your choice of car would be a Ferrari, I could see a Fazioli, Steinway, Bechstein or Bluthner Grand piano in your home as a match to this standard. If you are a musician, then this fact itself sets a higher standard to your instrument. Some pianos make you want to play more and more, because you enjoy the sound, and that is what you should look for when purchasing. If the purchase is for children to start their music lessons, then the logic is usually this: “let’s see if they will show an interest” as an excuse to buy a very poor instrument. Some could be offered as freebies, but ultimately lead to a very early decision to give up lessons. In truth, children are quite sophisticated in sound standards from an early age. At this point ideally you should contact a piano specialist to see if there are any additional quotas to consider after an inspection of a desired piano before you actually acquire it. If there is a choice between an upright and a grand piano I would suggest the latter. But then you have to take in consideration the size of room - and you may end up with a little cottage upright.

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